Who Said Baths Had To Be Boring?

Step into the majority of people’s bathrooms and the chances are that you will come across a regular old bathtub. We have always been told that to make a room exciting and for it to stand out then there should be a focal point that draws the eye, and you would assume the bath is the perfect point of interest in a bathroom…so why are so many of us settling for generic and dull bath tubs?

Well that isn’t the case for all of us! Recently we came across the Nendo Collection, a bathroom range from Bisazza Bagno that captures the pure aesthetic and refined lines of Nendo’s signature style. What this collection does is add an immediate sense of understated sophistication and style to the bathroom, something that the majority of our bathrooms are considerably lacking in. The whole collection has the appearance of being encased in a box and it is a great idea to keep this kind of theme running through the key areas of your bathroom.

Nendo’s bath design caught our eye in particular as it uses larch wood to create a clean and minimalist look. There is a lightness and naturalness to the design that makes bathing seem to be more of an enjoyable experience, inducing a serene feel to the bathroom environment.

While we are thoroughly impressed with their range, there are plenty of other modern bath styles that can create a fresh and interesting focal point for your bathroom and here are just a few of them.

Stone Bath
These bath designs are truly eye catching and add a huge amount of style to wherever they are placed. Manufacturers tend to take a giant piece of rock and hollow it out, creating stunning results that are incredibly unique. Having a bath like this wins you immediate style points and definitely puts a generic bathtub to shame.

Illuminated Baths
From the unique to the quirky and illuminated bathtubs are becoming more of a trend over recent years. These designs come with either halogen lights or internal LED lights that can be programmed to change colour. As you might imagine there are a variety of colours the bath can be changed to, suiting whatever mood you are in at that moment in time. This is definitely one of the more lighthearted trends we have seen for baths!

Futuristic Baths
These styles can either be referred to as modern or futuristic and are baths that you could easily see present in a spaceship. Check out the designs of Paola Parea for baths that are sleek and simple on the outside but they also have an in-built computer that is programmed to combine the likes of minerals and natural essences into your bath for a spa-like treatment. There are in fact up to six preset hydrothermal spa possibilities for you to relax to and it is fair to say that this bath offers you an insane level of home luxury…a bath that is definitely ahead of its time.