What To Consider When Choosing A Table

The tables in your home say a lot more about you than you might expect, whether you own a bruise and battered vintage coffee table or a minimalist dining room table. However there is a lot more that goes into choosing a table than aesthetics (although this is an important part), here are some of the important criteria to think about:

The Purpose
Obviously knowing what you are going to be using your table for should dictate a lot about its style and size. Do you need a table for your livingroom? In which case it is likely going to be a coffee table, so choose a design that matches your existing furniture. Perhaps you need a table that provides extra storage space or one that can provide additional seating when necessary.

Know Your Room
Taking into consideration the room your new table is going to go in should impact your decision. In no instance should you ever go out and buy a table without knowing the measurements of your room and where you are going to be putting the table (unless you have a huge space to fill). If you have a cramped room then the last thing you want is a table that occupies too much space.

Check heights
Just as you have to know the size of your room so to must you be aware of the height of your sofa and chairs. A high-seated sofa is not going to benefit from having a very low coffee table and vice versa.

If you are low on space then perhaps it is wise to either invest in a table that has a shelf unit underneath it or space for moveable storage bays to sit underneath it. This can be an ideal solution to housing your children’s toys or showcasing books on a glass surfaced coffee table.

If you are prone to clumsiness or forget to use a coaster then wooden tables that can be marked or stained might not be the best choice. There are all sorts of materials available out there from the alternate metal-surfaced tables to glass.

A table should be used to compliment your existing style and other furniture. It can be used as a focal point in a dining room or kept minimal so other focal points are more noticeable. Deciding the importance you want to put on it should help you decide its style and colour. Tables are also a great way to add texture and tone to a room, especially if your room uses a neutral colour palette.

While we generally assume tables once put in a room stay in the same position, quite often they have to be moved for certain occasions or cleaning and therefore it is worth considering whether your table should be portable or not. There are plenty of designs that come with casters or are light weight, but if you buy a heavy oak table then don’t expect to be able to easily shift it around when you need to.