Top Tips For The Perfect Bathroom

Perhaps one of the biggest causes of arguments in a household is based around the bathroom. If your home only has one bathroom then the morning scramble for it can often be a cause of frustration and arguments, throw in the classic “who left the toilet seat up” allegations and you have a pretty hostile start to the day.

However if you want your bathroom to be a place of calm or you are even considering having another bathroom built to have away with these morning time scuffles then there are several factors worth taking into consideration:

If you are creating a bathroom from scratch then chances are you haven’t really done anything like this before. Your prime concern should be that of functionality and spacing, it is very important to be aware of plumbing and where the key bathroom features can actually go, that is where will you place the sink, toilet, shower or bath? It is best to have a set plan before you get any workmen in as the chances are that they will charge a considerable amount if you keep changing your mind about things midway through completion.

A great piece of advice is to map out the room and think about accessibility. By this we mean place a chair where you would want the toilet to be, stand or move around where the shower would go or lie down where you would want the bath. It is a visualisation trick that will help you get the feel of the room before everything is fitted. You might have an idea of how you would like the room but if it doesn’t feel right then it may be worth reconsidering.

Classic Themes
A bathroom isn’t really the sort of place where you want to experiment with styles. This isn’t to say that you have to be boring but it is important to opt for a style that you can see fitting in with the rest of your house and one that you won’t want to change after a few years. If in doubt then always go for a neutral colour scheme, this will suit practically all bathrooms and will be a good base for the rest of your design.

Minimalism is always a good look in a bathroom, rather than going for outlandish themed accessories why not focus on investing in good quality and unique cabinets and sinks. The attention to detail can be added with the style of taps, mirror and cabinet handles you choose.

Know Your Budget
Starting a bathroom from scratch can be an expensive affair if you aren’t careful with your budget. It can be quite a major project and for it all to work out the chances are that you will have to part with a bit of money. It is better to spend more money on an investment than cut corners and end up having to start all over again at a later date. The best way to make it an enjoyable and fruitful project is to do your research, not rush into anything and be aware of your budget throughout.