The Key To Mixing Prints And Patterns

You will be pretty hard pressed to design a home without introducing some form of pattern or print. Both are tools that allow us to create a look, mood and character that would otherwise be very difficult if we were just relying on a block of colour. From floral themes to Moroccan prints, patterns come in an abundance of styles that can create calm or excitement.

Having said that, prints and patterns can be an intimidating look to incorporate and knowing to what degree you introduce them can also be tricky. Here are some of the biggest print and pattern trends of 2014 to help you on your way.

Greys, Off Whites and Soft Blacks
If you go to any interior showroom or trade fair then it is pretty much a certainty that you will come across this colour palette. These are colours that are very popular with consumers at the minute, look for design ideas where these colours are used in combination to compliment each other.

The floral trend is one that is not only in fashion this year but also interior design. This trend can easily be incorporated into your bedroom through pieces of art, wall prints and wallpaper. This is a trend that you can easily attempt yourself but if you have the funds it is a great idea to get a professional to create a hand painted piece.

Natural Materials
Tired of looking at dull prints and patterns? Why not opt for natural textures instead. Make your bedroom more of an inviting environment by introducing natural tones, wood, stone and brick. Choose wooden designs that are made from unaltered cuts of wood as this showcases their natural curves and looks, creating an interesting and relaxing environment. More than just creating a natural look, these styles are very interesting to the eye too.

Hotel Feel
There is something exciting about walking into a fancy hotel room and having that immediate feel of luxury and thought out design. There are a few key factors to take into consideration when you try and replicate this style, namely a focus on lighting as this is one of the most influential ways of creating and affecting moods. Hotels tend to maintain pattern and print themes throughout the room so have a look at ideas online for inspiration.

Once you have decided upon what prints and patterns you want to use, you then have to decide how to incorporate them. Repeating a particular texture throughout a room is a great way to create an impactful scheme. For instance use the material of your bedhead on any other furniture in your room, such as chairs or seating at the end of the bed and curtains. Look to have colours or styles that compliment each other throughout the room and this will create a unity that a lot of rooms actually lack. And it will also help you focus on the focal point of the room without getting distracted.