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Chlamydia could be treated with antibiotics. It’s the most frequently reported STI in British Columbia.

Chlamydia could be treated with antibiotics. It’s the most frequently reported STI in British Columbia.


You have chlamydia through vaginal, dental, and anal contact that is sexual. This consists of both penetrative intercourse and intimate tasks where there clearly was a change of human body liquids. You are able to get chlamydia by sharing adult toys. In the event that you have chlamydia, you can easily pass it to other people even though you don’t have signs.


It is common to not notice any symptoms if you have chlamydia. They will most likely show up between 2 and 6 weeks after sexual contact if you do get symptoms. Your signs depends on in which the disease is found. Probably the most typical medical indications include:

  • Penis/external genitals: you might notice unusual release and a unique, painful, or itchy feeling. You might have discomfort or trouble when urinating. When you have testicles you might experience discomfort there and quite often just a little inflammation.
  • Vagina/internal genitals: you might notice discharge that is abnormal bleeding. Other symptoms will be reduced pain that is abdominal sometimes discomfort during sex.
  • Rectum: You may notice discharge that is abnormal. You can even have discomfort in the region.
  • Throat: it really is rare to possess signs right here however you might experience a throat that is sore.
  • Eye: You may notice inflammation or unusual release.

*Note: when you have had lower surgery, your genital signs can vary greatly.

Tests and Diagnosis

You can find selections for the method that you test for chlamydia. A physician will suggest tests that are certain regarding the kinds of sex that you’re having. Testing is generally finished with a urine sample or a swab associated with the neck, anus or vagina.

It’s always best to get tested for chlamydia in the event that you:

  • have actually symptoms
  • have partner that is sexual has tested good for chlamydia
  • are performing screening that is routine STIs
  • are expecting
  • will have an IUD placed, a medical abortion, or even a gynecological procedure

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